“You helped me to focus on the “the business” outcome – to identify and avoid the ego. This was a breakthrough.” Thanks again for the past nine months journey. I grew to know and [...]


“Business is exceeding its objectives. Strong positive feedback into the business from the higher authorities.” David Brown, General Manager, Business Support, Hexagon Manufacturing [...]


“I have learn to understand that coaching is of course giving some guidance and framework but most importantly making me think for myself.” As our small firm is growing and I was [...]


“Focus in sessions has had a stunning effect on both my way of seeing my own behaviour from a new perspective and also on behavourial change.” Birthe Madsen, Director, Business [...]


“I have achieved so much more than I could have expected.” From both a personal and also professional perspective Michael is an extraordinary coach and person to work with. Would [...]


“I got both short-term and long-term value from ScaleYOU.” I liked the teacher’s passion for the course, his pragmatism and experience in working with the tools as well as the huge [...]


“It’s an amazing toolbox to think about further personal development.” The classes built a comprehensive overview on different aspects of being effective in professional and [...]


“Great course!” In the short run, ScaleYOU has helped me think very much about my habits, personality and the way I behave and interact with others giving path to self-reflection, and [...]


“I liked the simple and ready-to-use techniques that I could learn in 1 hour and start applying the very next day.” I became 100% clear about what I want to achieve and what my [...]