Conflict Resolution

Conflict is not only a part of life,
it is an important stepping stone for increasing
trust and ensuring long, meaningful relationships.
So then, if conflict is so good, why do we avoid it?

Not everyone does.

First, we all have our different approaches. Some may avoid conflict because they believe it is a sign of strength. Others may see this avoidance as a sign of weakness; So who’s right? Well, that depends.

Conflict is intimate

Second, there is no conflict without emotion and emotion is intrinsically intimate. You may feel strongly about an issue, yet not want to share your emotions with a certain person at a given time or place. That doesn’t mean you don’t care, it just highlights a preference.

The key is to ensure that we understand the outcomes of our preferences and take responsibility for the outcomes rather than blaming the other side.

Conflict, conflict awareness and conflict avoidance are multi-faceted gems. Rather than taking sides, the best way to deal with conflict is to understand the who, why, what, where and when of it. Only then can we begin the process of attaining habits that help us leverage conflict in a positive way.


Our Method

At ScaleYOU, we use a mix of practical tools and psychological theory to empower teams and leaders. Much of our materials are based on Transactional Analysis and The Drama Triangle. Naturally, this type of work often uses role play as a vehicle for learning. Like swimming, participants will need to let go of the sides of the pool to achieve long lasting learning and success.

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