ScaleYOU Friday Video 11 – Itay Talgam – Lead like the great conductors.

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I LOVE this Ted video.  Many of you know that before becoming a consultant I conducted symphony orchestras, and it is from this musical tradition that I received most of my leadership skills and philosophy.  Itay Talgam perfectly captures the various ways that conductors lead musicians (employees) and he deftly illustrates how different forms of leadership impact the orchestra (your business).

Carlos Kleiber, in my estimation the greatest conductor who ever mounted a podium, is featured; as is Leonard Bernstein.  I had the great pleasure of meeting Maestro Bernstein once, but not in a way you might expect.  I brought him room service (working as a waiter while in graduate school) the year before he died.  Black coffee and cinnamon toast before his concert. I was actually a waiter in the main dining hall, so I had to bribe the room service waiter with five dollars.  I still have the order with Bernstein’s signature.

Itay Talgam

Duration: 20:52

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