ScaleYOU Friday Video 33: What makes a good life?

This TED videoheds light on one of the most important topics of our time: What makes a good life?

As a consultant and executive coach, I take my own medicine and ensure that I consistently reserve time for family and friends, this is what I believe helps me achieve a good life. But just like anyone else, I struggle when it’s time to close the lid when the juices are flowing, or when I “just need to get this last part done”, but as Robert Waldinger underlines, it’s our relationships that keep us happy, not future wealth or fame, and we have to continuously invest in them or they perish.

For those of us who truly love what we do, this video is a wonderful reminder that the “sacrifices” we make by spending time, on a regular uninterrupted basis, with family and friends instead of catching up on a few emails after dinner most nights or spending a weekend per month catching up on things, have significant value. You might say, the most value

I’m reminded of Stephen Covey’s Rule of the Farm: you can’t feed the chicken’s and irrigate the crops just when you have time or when you feel like it. And it takes great maturity and discipline to consistently observe this rule.

This video reminds us that it’s not the bonus, collegial pats on the back or the mention in the papers that are essential to our happiness, but contentment in our relationships — and that requires quite a bit of consistent investment.

Duration: 12:47

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Happy Friday!

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