ScaleYOU Friday Video 9 – Dr. Patrick Dixon – Leadership and motivation at work

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In this youtube video, Dr Patrick Dixon speaks about leading by leading by helping people connect with their passion.

We’ve all heard this message before in various books and speeches, so it is not that I hope to introduce something new but to inspire you to continue on this path and to rejuvenate your commitment to helping your employees find or maintain their passions in and outside your business.  In the end it is passion which drives us – not our paycheck and not the threat of negative consequences.

Dr. Patrick Dixon

From Wikipedia: Dr Patrick Dixon is an author and business consultant, often described as a futurist. In 2005 he was ranked as one of the 20 most influential business thinkers alive according to the Thinkers 50 (a private survey printed in The Times). He is Chairman of the trends forecasting company Global Change Ltd,founder of the international AIDS agency ACET, and Chairman of the ACET International Alliance. Dixon was included in the Independent on Sundays 2010 “Happy List“, with reference to ACET and his other work tackling the stigma of AIDS.

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Duration: 3:20

Link to the Atrendia Executive Leadership Coaching Program

Happy Friday!

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